There are many boat owners who miss out on opportunities to earn money with their boat when it is left dockside at a marina or in their driveway, unused. Using ‘Boat it’, a Captain can capture those opportunities. But, to take “Paying Passengers” a Captain License is required. Before ‘Boat it’, there was not much incentive for a boat owner to obtain one. A Captain License was commonly obtained for fishing charters. That was largely due to the fact that a boat owner does not need a Captain License for recreational driving. With ‘Boat it’, there are a boat load of incentives! ‘Boat it’ can provide ‘Boaters’ for the Captains looking to fill their boat. Captains will earn 70% of every ride given. Captains set their own schedule. Setting sail at dawn or at dusk, is the Captains choice. Captains can easily make $100 per hr/ride and even more from(12am-6am). Log in for a quick sail or as many sails as the Captain pleases. Top Captains will earn season rewards and will be announced at the end of every season! ‘Boat it’ provides independent Captains with their own source of income to earn extra money(or a living) with their own personal boat. You’re the CEO of your vessel! Sign up today an own the water using Boat it!

PSA: Captains who are fully registered and ready to go before ‘Boat it’ Launch Summer 2021, will receive 80% of all their rides, forever. That is the ‘Boat it’ guarantee for your loyalty and commitment.


There are a lot of people that don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the boat experience. Using ‘Boat it’, a Boater can call for a Captain at the touch of their finger on the ‘Boat it’ App. The Captain can take the Boater(s) to their favorite destination(s) all over the island. Did you miss the ferry? No problem, just ‘Boat it’ and go where the ferries cannot! Is the water taxi overcharging you? No problem, just ‘Boat It’ at a reasonable price per person. ‘Boat it’ allows their boaters the flexibility when it comes to traveling by water. Book on the ‘Boat it’ app when you’re ready and a nearby ‘Boat it’ Captain will be at the chosen dock at that chosen time. Top Boaters will earn season rewards and will be announced at the end of every season! Boaters should know that ‘Boat it’ Captains are registered and licensed with the U.S Coast Guard. ‘Boat it’ Captains are trained and well knowledgeable of the open water and their vessel. ‘Boat it’ Captains carry all the necessary essentials for their passengers safety. The safety of our Captains and Boaters is the number one priority for ‘Boat it’! Sign up today to start enjoying all the different boats and destinations you can travel to, instantly!

Private Docks!

Do you own a home on the water? If so, ‘Boat it’ has accommodations just for you! Homeowners can register their dock for their personal use only! Your dock is never accessible to the public, ever! ‘Boat it’ provides you with the privacy to travel back and forth to your favorite destination(s) from the comfort of your home. Friends and family can use your dock too! But, only if you grant access. For privacy purposes, in your profile, you can turn your private dock online/offline to allow friends and family access or not. Also, you’ll be able to add/remove friends to access your private dock. ‘Boat it’ will never drop off no person at your private dock without permission. Sign up today and have a boat pick you up right outside your back door!


Do you own a business on the water or nearby? If so, ‘Boat it’ can help your business grow more! Business owners can register their business with ‘Boat it’ and enjoy the amenities we offer. Just signing up, ‘Boat it’ pins your business to their mapping system allowing boaters to hop on a boat and come to your business by water. If your business is on the water, you can add your dock to your profile and boaters can enjoy your business even more by pulling up dock side for dinner/drinks. If not, don’t worry! ‘Boat it’ will automatically bring boaters to the nearest “public” dock from your business when selecting your business for destination. ‘Boat it’ is also an amazing place for advertising your business if your market is the Nautical Community. Sign up today and your first season is on us!